24/7 OSX & Windows Server Monitoring

Server monitoring is just as important as general day to day repairs, our monitoring solution will monitor your computer systems along with your network switches and backups, alerting our Help Desk should a problem arise. If one or more of your devices or services fail, our software will immediately inform our technicians, indicating a problem. This proactive support allows our technicans to identify issues and fix unexpected problems before you even know they’ve happened.Our monitoring software can monitor when you're running low on disk space, your anti-virus software needs updating, your backups failed and much much more.

Practice Proactive

Ensure all workstations, servers and laptops operate at peak performance. Automated checks and customizable alerts enable you to address issues before they burn your business. It’s always better to foresee a possible problem than scramble to address one after it strikes. This requires quick and clear visibility of your IT environment. Our sophisticated monitoring systems ensures you have it – at all times. Knowing which servers and workstations are reaching their limits gives you time to create and execute a plan before system performance and staff productivity suffer.

Disappearance of downtime

Downtime is your enemy, which means quickly resolving the issue is critical. To do this, we use remote tools that are accessible from anywhere, at any time. Our tools enables us to remotely work on servers, laptops, Macs or PCs. As a result, you will really appreciate that addressing system performance problems no longer interrupts business operations.
  • We fix issues in the background without disrupting end users via secure remote administration
  • Remote Server monitoring

    We monitor the performance & health status of your server 24/7. Get alerted to:
  • Backups
  • OS/patch updates
  • Disk consumption
  • Critical updates
  • Anti-virus
  • Critical events
  • Disk errors
  • Failed processes/services
  • Security issues
  • Benefits....

    • Saves time by monitoring the network and servers for software and hardware failures automatically
    • Ensures down-time is reduced
    • Saves money on costly onsite maintenance
    • Aids business continuity
    • Maintains your staff productivity
    • Ensures service updates are current on all systems
    • Monitoring support for OS X, Windows & Linux servers

    No more fire-fighting

    Our 24/7 monitoring tools include several pre-configured checks that make it easier and faster for us to monitor your workstations and servers:
  • Critical events checks for any significant issues that require investigation
  • Physical disk health analyzes “SMART” disks for any errors
  • Backup checks to ensure there is no disruption in scheduled sessions
  • Antivirus checks to ensure definitions are current on all systems
  • Disk space checks available capacity
  • Remote Server Support

    Our experience suggests that businesses who become clients of Macwisdom have previously found:

  • It is time-consuming to manually monitor disk space, services, processes, etc. on servers and workstations
  • A problem can escalate if the administrator is not aware of the problem when outside the office
  • System downtime could be costly in terms of employee productivity, revenue and credibility
  • Users are usually the first to inform you of an issues, after it has occurred.
  • On-Site Server Support

    On-site Server Support is provided as and when necessary if a problem cannot be fixed remotely.
    Regular maintenance is important for the health of your server & network. Failure to monitor your network infrastructure results in bigger problems later. Greatly impacting your business, users and finances to correct problems which could have been prevented. Our 24/7 Monitoring service can be added to a fixed cost plan at any time.

    By having this service in place, you have peace of mind that your critical business systems are being optimised to their peak working condition all year round.

    Your standards are high. Why compromise with your IT?

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    We'd Love To Hear From You!
    Fill out the form and our team will be in touch with you promptly. Thank you for your interest!


    0800 612 4145

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